Ubuntu-ZA Re-Approved for 2010 - 2012!

Every two years, Ubuntu LoCo's need to be re-approved by the LoCo Council, and this year was Ubuntu-ZA's turn again. LoCo's have to show that they are active, have a history of activity, and a roadmap of future activities, amongst other things, in order to be re-approved.

Apparently, this year has been tougher than before, as well. Some previously official LoCo's were not re-approved, despite being fairly active. With this in mind, a number of folks made sure we documented as much of what we've been up to, and what we're hoping to do in the next couple of months. A special thank you to maiatoday who led the effort to write up our re-approval application on the Ubuntu wiki.

I'm proud to announce that we were indeed re-approved! Yay! Ubuntu-ZA is an official Ubuntu LoCo for the next two years! Not only were we re-approved though, it was a unanimous decision from the LoCo Council, as can be seen by the final voting results:

[08/03 21:23:51] <MootBot> Final result is 7 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 7

Re: Ubuntu-ZA Re-Approved for 2010 - 2012!

I wonder if they're biased, due to Canonical's boss's nationality?

Just kidding! :-)

Re: Ubuntu-ZA Re-Approved for 2010 - 2012!

No but he did pitch up at the meeting just by chance :)

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