Getting Involved

Looking to get involved? Of course you are. That is why you are here. The Ubuntu-ZA Community has many needs as does the wider Ubuntu community. Locally, we need and would appreciate

  • Your ideas and enthusiasm in our monthly meetings
  • Your help troubleshooting bugs or issues sent on our mailing list (see below)
  • Your enthusiasm in spreading the word about Ubuntu
  • Your company on our IRC! channel

Mailing List

One of our primary ways of communicating is via our mailing list. To subscribe to the mailing list, enter your e-mail below and you'll receive a mail to confirm your subscription to the mailing list. If you just want to browse through the e-mails, take a look at the mailing list archives.


Subscribe to moc.utnubu.stsil@az-utnubu



The Ubuntu-ZA Local Community prefers to hang out in IRC, where we can discuss Ubuntu, Linux, open source software, and a host of other things. Please join us in IRC!


IRC client details


Web Site

You can even be involved in our web site! Branch it on Launchpad and propose your changes. Check out our Bazaar tutorial for how to get started using Bazaar and Launchpad.


View our trello page to follow our projects. Trello is used to keep track of different projects and tasks (to-do list). Trello can also be used to make suggestions. You can contribute to the board by getting a free trello account and joining the team. Joining the team does not require you to be an official Ubuntu Member.

International Ubuntu Community

The greater Ubuntu community also has needs, many of which you may like to get involved in.

Become an official Ubuntu Member

We help to build Ubuntu, the most popular Free Operating System out there, we do packaging, translation, quality assurance, marketing, support, writing, design, art... Join us!