Getting Started

Getting started with Ubuntu has never been easier. Whether you are wanting to get a few more years of good use out of an older piece of hardware or are looking for a great secure and safe operating system to use as your day to day workhorse, Ubuntu can meet your needs.

Getting started involves a few steps, namely:

  • Choose your distribution and download it
  • Burn the distribution to DVD or to a USB Thumb Drive
  • Boot your computer from the DVD or Thumb Drive and follow the on-screen instructions

Choose your distribution

You may be wondering "What is a distribution?". Simply put, it is a compilation of different software and in particular, a different graphical interface and user experience. Many people have their views on the best distribution and interface, but at the end of the day, it comes down to your personal preference. Some distributions work best on more modern hardware, while others will run on outdated hardware.

Ubuntu has a default Ubuntu distribution, however, many Ubuntu based distributions exist. Even Ubuntu is a distribution, being based on Debian .

Choose the distribution that suits your needs and hardware and let us know your choice!

Burn a DVD or make a bootable flash drive

Depending on your hardware, a DVD or usb flash drive may be used to install.

Instructions on setting these up can be found in the links below. Remember, if you need help, just ask on our IRC! channel.

General Installations

Burning a DVD

Making a Bootable USB Drive

Have fun with your new operating system

Now that things are installed, start having fun. Get involved! in the community or just come and say hello!.